Sunday, April 1, 2012

It's TIme to Get Unruly!

Whoop Whoop!  The Front Page of the first issue of the blogozine, Unruly Paper Arts, has been released today!

What exactly does that mean?  The Front Page?
It will show a Schedule of Contents - who's writing what and when.  Why when?  Because we're a bit different than most e-zines in that we'll be posting our articles throughout the month instead of all at once.

The first Reader Art Quest will be posted later today as well.  What is a RAQ?  Consider it your creative challenge to get unruly with the current month's theme.  And you may vote for your favorite entry too!

April's issue is all about ink....

Come see what all the excitement is about......

Here's a list of all the unruly columnists:

Sharon Briss - Ill Tempered Ink

Our Columnists:

Jean Franks Beck - Bluebird Paperie

Brenda Brown - Bumblebees and Butterflies

Lucy Edmondson - True Colours

Carol Fox - WelcOme 2 m Y wOrld

Gerri Herbst - It's All Treasure

Helene Huber (me) - Lotsa Scrap 

Marjie Kemper - She Who Stamps and Scraps

Laura Liddell - As Happy As...

Deborah Powell - Altered Minds

Samantha Read - Me and My Stamps

Zoe Sanderson - This Little Place

Debbie Scriven - Dallying Debz

Trisha Neal - easily amused, hard to offend...

Plus there are monthly guest contributors!  Check out the contributor call for May!

It's all right here at the Unruly Paper Arts blog.


clare said...

fabulous idea. i'm looking forward to the first article. x

lynne said...

Looks such fun.
I joined the Yahoo group.

1CardCreator said...

I joined the yahoo group too! What a fantastic group of talent you Unruly artists are!

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