Monday, September 28, 2015

There's Coffee in the House!

Happy National Coffee Day September 29!

This shadow box represents in miniature the items that I remember in my grandmother's home.

I should note that I took the photo at an angle so that you wouldn't see my reflection in the mirror which I made with a bottle cap frame.

Because I want to enter this in the Prima September contest HERE, (I'm #19)  I'm giving you a sneak peak of my project which will be the focus of my article on October 3 at Unruly Paper Arts blogozine.  The article will include a brief family history of each item.  At that time, I will have a companion post here on my blog with photos of the actual items that now reside in my home.

Prima resins furnished the house.  Because my grandma's furniture was white, I didn't alter the color but I did stain the wood trim.

I'm also entering this room photo in the Coffee Lovers Fall Blog Hop HERE. I'm #372
The coffee cup represents my grandma's china which I now possess as seen in the photo below. Coffee was very important to my mother.  She said when sugar was rationed, she got used to drinking coffee without it, but she could never give up her cream! I drink my coffee black but it must be flavored!

Please come back in October to learn more!!!!

Here are the Prima products I used:

Altered Doll House
Ingvild Bolme Foyer Resins and Antique Tub

Update 10/20/15.  I didn't win the Prima contest, but my house was a featured entry in the Prima winners article HERE
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