Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Julie Nutting Dolls Are Everywhere

I've loved paper dolls since the age of 7 when I'd cut out the one in the Sunday comic strips, color her outfits, and play..... As an adult, I've fallen in love with the Julie Nutting dolls that she creates for Prima.

I just joined 2 FaceBook groups that share these doll creations. I'm posting this to the FaceBook group Julie Nutting Paper Dolls and Other Fun Stuff here.

I also have my doll creations, along with a whole lot of inspiration from others, on my Pinterest Board here

Julie has started a challenge, (link to her blog post) Dolls Are Everywhere.

Here is my post.  My doll is in the Land of Lincoln (Illinois), posing like the Abe statue.  (FYI, the sculptor says Lincoln just got out of the stagecoach and is stretching his back.)

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Lynne Moncrieff said...

This is so clever and great fun!

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