Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2013!  I hope this year will bring peace, happiness and good health to all.

As usual, I have a few New Year's Resolutions for the paper crafting part of my life.  Trying to keep the number to a do-able few.

1.  Actually make some Tim Holtz tags.  I own both books now.  I think in all the years he's been making tags, I've made three!  I see he posted the first tag for 2013,  I can only learn some amazing techniques from fantastic design concepts while using a wide variety of products.

2.  Try one new idea each week found in a craft magazine.  I buy tons of magazines and look at them for inspiration.  Now I need to try some of those techniques and design ideas.  There are so many amazing crafters out there, each with their own style to admire.

3.  Be mindful of publication deadlines and actually submit entries.

4.  Visit the blogs of all my cyber friends and design teammates at least once a week to keep up with what they're doing.

5.  Clean and organize my craft room???????????  Actually the DH suggested moving me to a bigger space in a different part of the house and building custom shelving for all my stuff.

6.  Really try art journaling this year.  I made 3 pages last year.  I just need to keep at it to feel comfortable with this art form.

7.  Take off the shelf one unfinished project each week and get it done.  I've taken so many workshops and come home with things in various states of completion.  Some will take a month to get done.  Others just need finishing touches.

I see I've used the word actually is just about every resolution.  Perhaps that should be my word as in the phrase:   I need to actually do it.
My craft word for 2013:  ACT
I will actually take action to act upon my craft resolutions!

So here is #7 in action.  A couple of weeks ago I did a make it-take it at Prairie Art Stamps.  Thanks Judy for the concept:  painting, scratching, doodling, cutting, gluing, etc.  The gems were like glitter, all over the place for me, so I decided to put the tag aside, do some shopping in the store, and glue the gems when I got home.  hmmmm.  You guessed it.  On the shelf in the pile with the other unfinished projects.  I decided this was a quick one to get done and give me a great sense of accomplishment on Day One of my Resolutions.

I like her face, don't you.  Kinda like mine as I contemplate all these resolutions!  And here's the best part--I ACTUALLY have my first tag for Christmas 2013 already done!

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