Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day

I love the Julie Nutting doll stamps from Prima.  Over the past several months I have purchased several but am just starting to use them.

To jump start getting them inked up, I'm taking some workshops at my local scrapbook store.  This is one of the cards we made.  All the creativity goes to the workshop facilitator.  I just inked, cut, layered, and glued.

However, this card is perfect for my son, and so he received it for Father's Day.


butterfly said...

What a great card for today... someone's barbcueing over the way right now, and the smell is so tempting!
Alison x

Stephanie said...

Such a wonderful card for today. I bet he loved it! Great job.

Sharon said...

Great card Helene love the bbq cutout! Perfect for a man!

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