Monday, June 9, 2014

This Summer I'm Sitting On Top Of The World

Gecko Galz owner Leanne has her own challenge going on at her Fripperies and Butterflies blog for the month of June:  Summer Cheesecake Challenge.  She even is providing you with a free collage sheet to use. See all the details HERE.


Summer is always a time to feel carefree and happy, especially after an icy, snowy winter and a cold, wet spring.  We get to shed those woolies and umbrellas.  I chose this image from the collage sheet to embrace my theme.
"I'm Sitting on Top of the World"---"just rollin' along"....."just singin' a song"

This also is my Tag Tuesday 1950's themed tag.  To see all the 1950's inspired tags, please go HERE.

Les Paul and Mary Ford recorded this song in 1952.  As a little girl, I loved watching their television show--of course it was in black and white.  I thought the "world" reinforced "just rollin' along"--similar to Patti Page sitting there waiting to join in (although I'm sure she was on a "stool").

The space themed embellishments?????  Influenced by the 1950's sci-fi martian movies, of course!

This is a digital hybrid card.
Gecko Galz:  Table linens paper, Kitchen Sink Banners, Summer Cheesecake image

After layering all the png files, I added the text before printing.  I used a black Sakura glaze pen on the dots and attached a bit of velvet cloth ribbon.

And of course my printer is telling me I'm out of yellow and black inks--perhaps why the tag isn't as bright as I would like.
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