Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Altered Puzzle Challenge Starts Monday

Even though I'm still finishing up our altered playing cards, I'm excited about the new challenge from Claudine Criner.  We're going to alter a 24 piece puzzle!  Details are at Claudine's Art Corner. In addition to the blog, there is a companion FaceBook page.

Claudine's Art Corner

Our first week is all about preparing our puzzle pieces.  My puzzle is a fifty cent find from the thrift store.

I worked at the kitchen table, forgetting to bring along the box cover.  So my first exercise was a mental one to put the puzzle together without a photo of it.  If my three-year-old granddaughter can do it, so can I!!!!

I flipped it over and marked the pieces on the back, to help with assembly when we're done.  Perhaps here is where I note that my puzzle has 25 pieces!!!! And that when flipped over, the numbers actually are in reverse, so another mental exercise to remember that when the time comes.....

Then I went outside on the deck and sanded with what I had on hand.  This was my second exercise of the day--this one physical.   I wiped up the dust with a baby wipe and was suprised to see how much color was on the wipe!

After applying 2 layers of gesso, I'm ready for Monday and anxious to see what Claudine has in store for altering our first two pieces.


Diane said...

Super clever idea and fun design.

Hugs diane

Cornelia (fun stamping) said...

Really curious to see what comes next :)))

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