Monday, May 25, 2009

Doors of Dublin

I've been making some layouts for my daughter's album of her
recent trip. I'm posting them at Coordinates Collections for the
May challenges. Tonight I finished a layout of the Doors of Dublin.
Here is the CC sketch that I used to create the layout. I left the
journaling card blank so that she could use her handwriting. The Doors of Dublin are a famous tourist attraction. It seems that there are strict architectural guidelines for the townhouses so the owners show their individuality through their doors. The doors have windowed arches on the top, so I made curved mats and decorated the arches.


SABALE said...


kellyjean said...

How EXTREMELY clever of you! Great job! Just want to also congratulat you on the royal court position!

alienanessa said...

I agree with Kelly Jean, this is over-the-top clever!!! Thanks for visiting my blog too, I look forward to being on the royal court with you! =)

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