Monday, May 4, 2009

Lovin' Coordinates Collections

This past weekend there were lots of activities on-line and in the stores to help celebrate our passion for crafting. The weekend turned out to be a good one, weather-wise, so I went on two outings to purchase flowers for the yard. I managed to get only one layout done for a challenge but then couldn't upload it due to a software glitch. So I was glad I enjoyed the outdoors rather than work on more challenges. The one I did finish will be posted later when I get things sorted out. In the meantime, on the Coordinates Collection website, my name was chosen in a random draw for submitting my Spring Flowers layout posted below (April 22 post) for Earth Day. Lisa took some adorable photos of her young son Jakob closing his eyes and choosing a slip of paper--with my name on it. Gotta love those random drawings! I can't wait to see what my prize is. The last time I won a prize on this site, I got a great set of double-sided paper. I used one of those patterned papers to create the Family Tree layout below (April 29 post). I folded the corner so that you could see both sides of the paper. (You'll also recognize the scraps from that same paper used on the wings of my bird name tag posted below. A day later used that bird in a layout posted for a Coordinates Collection contest.) Because of all the other activities going on this weekend and my unexpected computer glitch, I'm extra happy that Coordinates Collections waited to have their big Cybercrop this coming weekend, May 8-11. I'm gearing up to have a great time scrapping "Over the Rainbow". I have a link on the bar to the right under "My Favorite Kit Clubs", if you care to see what all they have going on over there.

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Lisa Smith said...

I showed Jakob your response from CC and read it to him! He enjoyed doing the drawing.

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