Friday, August 6, 2010

Background Music While I Clean the Scrap Room


I'm busy overhauling my scrap room and having art withdrawals.

Those who are visitors to my blog know that I'm always changing the blog background and my Playlist.  The song playing almost always matches the art I'm posting.

Crazy by Gnarls Barkley is at the top of my list and usually greets you on my blog except I changed to a fifties theme for August to go with this fun blog background from designer Penny Duncan.  I love all types of music.  To prove it, my other top fave song is Sarah Brightman's Pie Jesu.

I encourage you to hit the pause button on the playlist and take a moment to enjoy the You Tube video I have up of one of my favorite Lily Allen songs, Chinese.  I love listening to their version of the song Lily dedicated to her mom.

I could keep you here all day talking about my favorite songs but then my room wouldn't get clean, and I couldn't get back to making art!

What's on your playlist?

And if you're ready to make art, one of our new Pages In Time Design Team members, Maggie White, has her August Fantasy Challenge going which is to have as your title a movie or song title.  Click on my Pages In Time Design Team badge on my sidebar and become a member of our group. 

Here's the Pages In Time Thursday Sketch for August 5th to inspire you:

Big News:  Now in addition to moderating 2 other groups that I've had since January, I'm the Design Team member assigned to moderate the Queen of Colors group at Pages In Time.  I'm posting new color combinations each week to inspire your creativity.  This week we're talking about our favorite coffee and posting a color combo to match.  I love hazelnut/vanilla coffee, no cream or sugar.  So that would be various shades of brown, monochromatic looking.  Since I'm cleaning instead of scrapping, I pulled up this old layout from February 2009 to show my love of coffee:

I used coffee filters for the photo mat and to make the flower.  But I digress..back to cleaning the scrap room. And for those who know me, I'll be cleaning-- not rockin'-- around the clock to get it all done!


Terry said...

You are just too fun! Congrats! Love this old but goodie page. Have fun cleaning the scrap room (I actually typed it at first without the s).

scrappygal said...

You crack me up! Love the lo!! Hope you are at least having fun cleaning your room. Find any goodies you forgot about?

Theresa said...

I love this awesome blog background you've put togther - you are so talented! And I always love that you put music to your creations - now that's creative!

I'm generally lucky just to get something posted!

Lacee broyles said...

Wow gal I love your blog!!!!!!! Plus the sketch ain't half bad either!!!

Anonymous said...

I love this post Helene!! I enjoyed listenning this music!! Helene, I need that girl to help me with the cleaning !!!
You are so creative and funny!!

A Cards Delight said...

I love your blog background and rock'n around the clock. I didn't know Penny did backgrounds...hmmm! I need a make-over and loving yours!

deb famularo said...

Now THIS girl is clever!!!!!! I love the filter- perfect touch!!! I should do a coffee layout- you've inspired me now!!! xOxO

Linda Cain said...

I love your playlist. Poison Ivy was the first 45 record I saw when my cousin bought it and brought it home. I'll never forget it.
Man, how things have changed....
Big Hugs!


Lynn Stevens said...

I Love my coffee too, well mochas really. fun layout and I'm rocking out to your music!

fairyrocks said...

Just dropping in to say hello,
Loved the children singing!!!
terrific coffee filter use, I was just looking at one the other day wondering if I should keep it...LOL like our grandmothers tea leaves reading. Have a great day, keep smiling and creating.

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