Monday, July 25, 2016

Finn Workshops

I am so lucky to have the opportunity to see Anna Dubrowska aka Finnabair in person.  This is the second summer I was able to take her workshops and this time I took all three!

Workshops were held at the Paper Boutique in Springfield IL.  Independent scrapbook stores are a rare commodity these days.  Here, again, I'm lucky to have one nearby.  And lucky the store was able to host Finn.  The group photos and my clock in its early stages were taken by the Paper Boutique staff.  A thank you to them for letting me repost the photos from their FaceBook page.

First workshop was the verdigris canvas.  I used a spoon for my focal point.

Look at how serious we all are as we gather around Finn to learn the first steps. Note the blank canvas that we are about to transform....

And here's the group posing with their finished canvases. I'm the the royal blue shirt and black apron. A bonus for me was getting to sit next to my friend in art, Linda Cain, who is on Finn's design team.

The next day I was back for more.  This time I sat with my crafting friends from the store, Terrie and Joanne.  

The morning project was transforming a Prima clock into a work of art. This is a photo of my work station taken by the Paper Boutique.

 I used colors that matched my living room palette.

The afternoon brought us to the rust workshop.  Most people transformed a book cover.  Being an overachiever, I brought a wood cigar box to alter.  Not thinking things through, that meant I had more surfaces to cover and dry in the allotted time.  But I loved working with these rust effect products.

The objective was to make this look old as if found in the bottom of the lake--or I'd say a musty attic or damp basement.  A bit of unfortune for me was something leaked on the photo.  It didn't seep through until the next day. (I'm assuming I didn't dry something thoroughly before moving on to the next step!) However,  that makes it look like it definitely was found on the bottom of the lake!

And the final group pic of the day! I'm on the end on the right and realize I should have taken off my black apron!

I didn't get a photo with Finn because I had one from last summer:

But I wish I had asked her to autograph my copy of the Somerset Magazine cover featuring her art.

Next time!


Michele said...

Oh Helene i'm just simultaneously so happy for you and so jealous. your makes are utterly gorgeous, a testament to your talent and to Finn's teaching. thanks for sharing these beauties! xo

Imagine That Digistamp said...

wow, wow, wow, wow, wow!! LOVE them all. My favorite is the round clock with the heart and gears. But lotsa lovely creations here - I'm flabbergasted!! :)

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