Sunday, April 26, 2009

Happy SIxtieth Mom

What a milestone birthday! I've had a great week (or should I say "month"?) celebrating. This is the best gift ever--a scrapbook page given to me by my three twenty-something children. Aren't they talented??? The three of them went to the scrapbook store together, bought the supplies, and created the page before my hubby and I arrived to celebrate my birthday at a restaurant. I was totally surprised. This is such a special gift because they took the time to make something for me, using the art medium I have come to love as my very special hobby. This page is proudly posted on the easel on the kitchen counter. I have a short counter top to the left of the refrigerator. It's supposed to be my baking center, but I hardly ever bake because I spend all my time scrapping. So I use it for a seasonal display area that includes an easel with my latest scrap page. The easel is supposed to hold my cookbook, open to a recipe page. But there again, that hardly ever happens. I'm still in shock. It's all I can think about. It was worth turning sixty in order to have my kids make me feel so special.

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Lisa Smith said...

Oh how sweet of them! Happy birthday!

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