Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My Heritage

I just finished this layout as my attempt to Heritage Scrapbook WITHOUT Photos. It is my interpretation of many Polish items that I've grown up with. A Polish folk art form of paper cutting (I think about this every time I'm using my little Cutter Bee scissors to cut out butterflies or flowers.)is called Wycinanki (vee-chee-non-ke). If you look it up on the internet, you will find many beautiful examples of these intricate paper cutouts. I have several that have been handed down in my family. I also have multiple sets of these Polish dancers which are simple versions of paper cutouts. (not made by me--creators unknown) Each region in Poland has its own costumes. The dancers in this layout are depicting costumes from Krakow. I recently found this Polish blessing framed by my aunt. It actually was a "Thoughts Worth Recycling" greeting card that she received from a friend on one of her birthdays. I bought BasicGrey Pattern Paper from the Boxer collection: bowling shoes, vintage tee, and slim fit as well as Anna Griffin Inc. (AG1353) patterned paper to fit the folk art motif of my layout. I also have acquired from elderly aunts quite a collection of beautifully carved Polish wooden plates and boxes inlaid with copper as well as a couple pieces of copper jewelry. So I used some copper German scrap to trim the roof of my Polish house. Peacock feathers also are very important in Polish culture. My Unikat Polish pottery features designs inspired by the eye of the peacock feather. So I had to add a couple of feathers to my layout.

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