Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Recently I entered a card swap on the Coordinated Collections site. Five of us signed up for birthday cards and 6 of us signed up for general cards. So I made and mailed off 5 of the same birthday cards and 6 identical general cards. Today I got a fat envelope in the mail containing one of each of the other cards from the folks in the swap. Here are the cards. In each photo, the card I made is in the upper left corner. This was my first ever card swap. I'm glad I didn't sign up to make more than what I committed to as I had some family emergencies come up. I love what everyone made so I'd be happy to sign up for another swap. I'm not a card maker so I'm usually scrambling to make a card for whatever (fill-in-the-blank) occasion. I finally have some cards in my stash for when I need one.

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