Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Name Tag

Our Prairie Stampers Club met Monday night. Some of us are newer members and don't know everyone by name yet. So we made name tags. The two women who signed up to teach the evening's craft brought cardboard outlines of birds, wings and crowns. It was up to each of us to create our own special name tag. I glued on the paper I brought and, after looking over the stash, chose to use some feathers, a button eye, wire feet, and a branch. I had to finish mine at home as I never bring the right stuff to the meetings. I decided that for sure it needed some distress ink that was back on my craft table. So I spent tonight adding a pearl necklace, some gold leaves for more feathers, bling on the crown, green leaves on the branch, and most importantly--- I did my first alcohol ink object-altering my bamboo bead and then stamping "the Queen" on it. There's a long story there which I plan to have done for a layout by tomorrow night. But the short version is that my dad's family has a nobility title. Let's just say that for now I'm using the title for "the Queen of scrapping".

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wendy vecchi said...

This is absolutely...
HAIL to the QUEEN!

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