Friday, January 6, 2012

My Facebook Page

I've started a Facebook "Page" called 2amscrapper. It is separate from my personal Helene Huber Facebook account which is private. 

The 2amscrapper page is attached to my account but is public.  The page is "liked" rather than needing a "friend" request.  

I'm asking all my art friends currently on my private account to move over to my 2amscrapper page. 

I've moved all my arts and crafts company and site links over there. It's so handy now to see all the new products, promotions and giveaways in one spot. I was fighting the use of Facebook but the craft companies are using it for advertising/promotion, and it's easier to have all that on a Facebook page rather than try to follow it from my blog dashboard. 

So if you're interested in my public 2amscrapper page on Facebook, just "like" me.

I hope you all are having a wonderful day and have time to scrap a lot.


1CardCreator said...

I just left your FB page, looks great. I hope you will keep your blog too.

craftattack said...

Good luck with your new FB site. I don't have an account there, as I am unfortunately not a FB fan! Valerie

Sandi said...

I "liked" you!! LOL

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