Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Welcome to My Fairy Garden and A Summer of Color

This is a double post.  Scroll down to learn more about A Summer of Color 3: Artist's Choice.  

But right now....
A different type of crafting--potting soil and plants instead of paper.......


I was inspired by my blogging buddy Micupoftea (Shawn) who posted her beautiful fairy gardens on her blog, Poetry in a Pot of Tea.  Please visit her HERE to see her gardens.

I went on the hunt for that birdhouse she found at JoAnn Fabrics and found it in the clearance aisle for 50% off along with half-price elves.

My greatest challenge was centering the "scene" with the octagon shaped bowl.  I got it done but had a hard time squaring it in the camera lens.  I also goofed and aligned my scene on the seam side of the base instead of the front.  Oops!  I'll know better next year.  I put pea gravel inside the bird house to weigh it down.  I'm sure you've heard about the strong winds traveling through the Midwest this spring.  Sometimes my mail ends up in the neighbor's shrubs!

I've seen many cute versions of fairy gardens on Pinterest and am looking forward to making some others. I have a Pinterest link on my sidebar and have a fairy garden board if you care to see which ones I pinned. 


bird bath                $11
Dwarf Delosia        $ 1.78   (the tall colorful flowers)

JoAnn Fabrics
birdhouse               $12.50
elf                          $  1.25

Dollar General
mushroom             $ 1

Farmers Market
Irish Moss            $ 3.99
Thyme                  $ 3.99
Miniature Daisy    $ 3.99  (hidden behind the house)

Ace Hardware
potting soil and pea gravel $?0 (donated by dh)

So this fairy garden cost me around $40.00.  You can buy fairy garden kits in a box for the same price or more.  But I already was committed to the birdhouse this time around. 

I have it placed in the corner of the deck to enjoy while I sit out there waiting for humming birds.  I know they are attracted to red so I hope they visit my fairy garden.

I participated last summer and have had the badge up since then waiting for June 3, 2013 to get here---and HERE IT IS !!!!

Some details from Kristin at Twinkle Twinkle: 

Each week, you'll have the chance to vote for one of 12 different color combinations by taking a poll at the end of each post. Simply pick your favorite and, in majority rules fashion, the highest rated one wins. Come back the following Monday to see the results and get started. As always, you'll work in your preferred mediums - creating anything your little heart desires - with color being the only stipulation.

Now I must confess I'm having trouble keeping up with Tim's monthly tag challenge so I hope I can do a weekly prompt for 6 weeks straight!  But Kristin's blog and FB page should keep me going!

I also must disclose that there are prizes to be had, including one for posting info about SOC3.  


Sharon said...

Oh wow Helene I love your fairy garden - so cute!! Perfect for the garden fairies on my blog LOL!!
And I can't wait for the Summer of Colour to start too!!

Valerie-Jael said...

Love your fairy garden! Valerie

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

absolutely charming - love it!

Lisette Baker said...

Oh Helene this is fabulous, just my sort of thing. I love, love, love that little Elf - wish I could find one over here.

Shelly Schmidt said...

Oh this is so awesome!It looks like something my Mother would create- I love it! I am in the process of putting in a brick patio- so will have to wait for that, but will go look at your fairy garden Pintrest board!

Kristin said...

Okay, first of all, you had me at Gnomes! I love what you did with them and the flowers you choose are so pretty.
AND thank you so much for this post about the SOC! You are so sweet to help me spread the word in this way and I'm thrilled that we get you again this year! :) xoxo

1CardCreator said...

Cute fairy garden. ~Diane

Michele said...

ooh i want to make one! thanks. this is inspiration indeed! xo

fairyrocks said...

Delightful Helen, I certainly couldn't resist looking for the fairy's. Keep smiling and creating

Kristin said...

Hi again!
I wanted to let you know that we did have some glitches in the voting poll, but it should be fixed by now if you want to try again - I had preferred not to have the results posted, but I have to go with the flow as I've learned that it is not an option. Oh well, we can at least vote! Thanks again for all of your help, xo

Heather said...

This is so stinking cute!! I love it!! What a great piece for such a small amount of money...darling! I want to make one :0)

Micupoftea~ said...

Well, you done good, girl! HAHA~ Love that you used a bird bath. Brilliant! The whole thing is charming. Thanks for the shout out and info on the challenge. HAPPY JUNE :)

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