Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Some Journaling

The June issue of Unruly PaperArts Blogozine is all about journaling.  I didn't sign up to do an article this month because I don't journal, but I'm planning on learning a lot from the rest of the UPA creative contributors throughout the month.

Say What?  Then why am I showing you some journaling? Totally out of my comfort zone here.

Music and Art are synonymous with me. I'm a big fan of the television show in the U.S.A., the Voice. This season I was so moved by Kimberly Nichole's version of the Radiohead song, Creep.  that I decided to create my own interpretation of the lyrics and journaling seemed to be the best fit.


So where to start, since I can count on one hand the number of journal pages I've attempted.

This would be a good time to insert the information that I've signed up for a Finnebair class in August with the amazing Ania Dabrowska.  Which means I've been studying  her tworzysko blog entries, watching her videos, taking pointers from her design team, and admiring the amazing work posted on our newly formed FaceBook page, Finnabair and Friends Open Studio.

TIME TO PRACTICE! and try the Finnabair technique.  And let's not forget the arsenal of Prima products I've stock up on to master application.

For my first attempt, I decided to follow the step by step recipe for use of product on Design Team member Monika's stunning creation Collect Moments HERE,  This was important because I'm unfamiliar with the purpose of all the gessos, soft gells, and modeling pastes. So I put product down on my page in the same order that she did.  This was soooo helpful!

I also took to heart the suggestions from DT Rebecca in the Finnabair Spread Your Wings Academy Volume #1 post.  Tons of layering using drywall mesh, torn tissue, and cardboard flowers and letters, followed by soooo many stencils!!!! I've sprayed and painted and inked so much that you can hardly see all the layers! Lots of circles to signify zero, nothingness.

For my creep and weirdo girls, I chose the misfit Dollhouse and Something Else digital images from itKuPiLLi.  I just love her work. I had to assemble the doll parts so I combined various sizes and shapes of body parts to create my own misfits of creeps and weirdos.

My color palette:  I wanted something that showed adolescent angst, since that is what the song is about--being a creep wanting someone perceived as perfect.  Starting with muted pink, purple and green mists, they were too light.  After listening to Ania's interview in which she discusses why she likes to use black gesso, I determined I needed a much darker palette to portray angst.   I still needed my misfit dolls to blend into the color palette, just as some human misfits want to fade into the background.  And I elinimated the green for envy, leaving just a hint here and there--it fought too much with the other two colors. There's some red ink stamping for passion.

I'm sharing a link from my blog to Mixed Media Academy Open Studio Challenge due June 11.

Next project is the black gesso/mechanicals attempt.


Michele said...

the colors are stunning, the design is wonderful and there is so much fun whimsical style here. this is a winner. xo

Sharon said...

This is fabulous!!!

jane stillman said...

I would never have guessed this was your first attempt! It is amazing - well done

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