Saturday, June 20, 2015

Summer of Color Week 2

For Week One's Summer of Color5, I posted a card because I was totally immersed in the Coffee Lovers Blog Hop.  What I really wanted to do for this year's Summer of Color was to get out my Gelli Plate and learn how to use it.

So let's start over.  I got out a bunch of 8x8 paper left over from a previous project.  I opened the package and stared at the Gelli plate for awhile.  I watched some videos by Carolyn Dube and was feeling pretty confident I could do this.  It didn't go as smoothly as I thought it would.  But then what does the first time out?  I certainly can brayer acrylic paint.  The tricky part was messing with the stencils, changing colors and overlapping them, and using both the negative and positive part of the stencil..  While making 3 papers, as part of the soak up the excess paint technique,  I learned a lot along the way. Not bad for the first attempt.

Week Two Summer of Color5:  2 pinks and 1 orange  (See Kristin's blog for details HERE)

I did not end up with the same crisp result as in Dube's video--but, hey, that's okay.  I like very much what I got and will use the papers as backgrounds. I also like that I used a 6x6 stencil which gave me a great border as a bonus. If you click on the photo, you can get a better, enlarged view.

You will note that I cheated and added a bit of yellow because there just wasn't enough contrast with the two pinks.

So to make it official for SOC5, here is a flower that I made using 2 pinks and 1 orange.

Then I went back and did Week One Summer of Color5:  2 blues and 1 green

This ended up being a hybrid.  I used the Gelli Plate for the base and the green circle, then took my paper off the Gelli Plate and stenciled on stars and the globe (because the globe really is a die and had sharp points).  I have no clue what this will end up being, but I love it so far....

Perhaps by the end of the six weeks of SOC5, I'll have a better understanding of the Gelli Plate and some great pages to journal with.
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