Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tea and Kolaczki for Tonight's Cyber Party

If you give a mouse a cookie......I'm getting ready for the cyber Christmas Party and the Flying Unicorn tonight at 8pm est.  One of the things we're doing is sharing our party treats. 

Yesterday for my "in person" stamp club party, I bought a tray of Kolachky (kolaczki) from a grocery store bakery.  They were pretty tasty for store bought and certainly were in keeping with my Polish heritage even if I didn't make them myself.  So I decided, before they all got eaten, to set up my festive treat for tonight. 

If you've read the children's story about giving a mouse a cookie, then you know one thing leads to another.....  I've never participated in Teacup Tuesday although I have several blogging buddies who do.  I thought today would be the perfect time to join Terri. After all, it's even Tuesday!

Tea Cup Tuesday link

My mother gave me this set of 5 cups and saucers which had been given to her by her youngest sister.  I'm assuming the 6th was the one used and eventually met its demise.  The ones left have sentimental value to me, and I use them when I want to add a special, festive touch to my desserts.

So my treat is ready for tonight.  Now to join in the reindeer games.....


Sandi Cl~ said...

Love your teacups, Helene .. and all your snack look yummy!

Georgie Horn said...

Your teacup is lovely! I'm jealous!!

Terri said...

Gorgeous Lefton luncheon plate and tea cup! The coloring is marvelous, and the painting on it is beautiful. Lucky you to have 5 of these!
Thank you so much for joining in Tea Cup Tuesday, and for sharing your china with us.

Micupoftea~ said...

Hey! What a nice surprise! You've joined us for tea....with a gorgeous plate and cup, too. Mmmm, I'd love one of your Kolaczki please! xo

Texas Tea Party said...

How wonderful to have a family heirloom. Your roses set is so lovely. I like your sweet heading on your blog. Thanks for sharing. Merry Christmas! Happy Tea Time! Pam

Martha's Favorites said...

Hi: The moment I saw this cup I knew it a Lefton. It is just stunning. Thank you so much for shairng this family heirloom it is beautiful. Have a great week. Blessings, Martha

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